Source of Madness monster

Source of Madness

is a dark platform shooter game with rogue-like elements.

We're still working hard on turning this into a full awesome game.
But already today we'd love to hear your thoughts on our demo!

We have a lot of nice things planned for the full version, such as:

Source of Madness creepy cave Source of Madness climbing tentacles
Source of Madness monster


Far up in the skies, every full moon, you can see the towers of Madness staring back. We the cult of knowledge knows and stores the past and sometimes the future. We know of how rivers once flowed on the moon and of the libraries lost to madness.

We will open the third gate to give access to the moon once more. It is is dangerous but we must, in order to end the madness. We with the knowledge, must close the box of Pandora.

Source of Madness monster

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